Saturday, October 6, 2007

Urgent: Farzad Hamidi

From : Farzad Hamidi Soha Date : 15.09.2007

Case number : 385-06C01956 in UNHCR-Turkey-Ankara( United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees )
to whom may it concern
Please be aware that i am seeking refugee.i have been registered by
UNHCR-Turkey-Ankara in 29.08.2006.
My name is Farzad Hamidi Soha, and i am an iranian doctor of medicine.
My life is still in risk, because i have been recognized by iran Government as a political opposition, and i don' t believe religious ideas of iran Regime.
Therefore, the iran Government is looking for me to kill me, only because i am Spokesman of iran Democratic Front (a student group against iran Government that challenges regime with pen and expression) and the writer of a book named Philosophical Segments.
i was in prison in iran for 39 monthes, 9 monthes of it in solitary cell and 17 monthes of it in murderers prison.
iran regime tortured me hard in prison and broke 3 of my ribs completely.
Documents of my political activities in iran are in hands of
UNHCR-Turkey-Ankara.These documents are clear and more than 300 papers, and you can search for ' Dr. farzad hamidi ' in Google site in internet to see
some of them,
But UNHCR in Turkey/Ankara have not answered to me since one year ago.
Now i am asking you to help me.
if it is possible, ask UNHCR in Turkey/Ankara to reply my case to help me to settle down in a safe country.
Thank you to take your time to read my letter.
Yours sincerely : Farzad.