Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Request to end the Hunger Strike of Adnan Hassanpour and Hiva Boutimar

The families of Adnan Hassanpour and Abdolvahed Boutimar, two political prisoners who were recently sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Courts have requested their son’s to end their hunger strike.
In a letter addressed to their sons the family members have written “ Since the Islamic Regime Officials do not give much worth to human life, and taking into consideration the fact that other political prisoners have lost their lives while on hunger strike, we beg you to stop your strike even in the face of this unjust death sentence.”The families of these two journalists and social activists have urged the International Community, human rights activists and organizations to voice their concern over this unjust sentence against these two activists.
It is reported that Mr. Hassanpour and Mr. Boutimar have been on a hunger strike for the past 45 days. According to their defence lawyer their physical health has deteriorated dramatically and their health and well being is in grave danger. No attention has been paid to their demands by the Regime Officials.Last year two political prisoners Akbar Mohammadi and Valliollah Feyze Mahdavi died while on hunger strike in Iranian Prisons.
Posted by Iranian Political Prisoners Association

Monday, August 27, 2007

Iranian Human Rights Activist Considers it Wrong to Deport Turkey’s Iranian Refugees

Azerbaijan, Baku / Тrend corr D. Khatynoghlu / Deportation of Turkey’s political refugees while mass executions are still happening in Iran, threaten their lives. “It would be wrong,” the chairman of the World’s Iranian Refugee Federation, Farshad Hosseini, said from the Netherlands.
On 22 August, five Iranian refugees – Seyyed ali Alemzadeh, Abolfazl Ajorlu, Alireza Ranjbar, Mojtaba Vatanpour Naderiani, and Pejman Piran applied to the police department of the Turkish city of Van for registration of special refugee status. However, they were informed that they would be deported, according to the websites Iranpressnews and mediaforum.
The number of Iranian refugees arrested by the Turkish Government is available from the federation. However, it is not known whether they were deported to Iran. The federation is investigating this issue, Hosseini reported.
“Along with the expansion of political and economical relations between Turkey and Iran, a bilateral agreement on exchange of political refugees will possibly be signed,” the human rights activist said.
A number of Turkey’s opposition forces found political asylum in Iran. In the same way Iranian anti-governmental forces are given refuge in Turkey. “Despite the government denying the exchange of refugees, it not difficult to suppose Turkey and Iran are discussing this issue,” Hosseini said.
According to Hosseini, despite Turkey signing the European Convention on Human Rights, deportation threatens the lives of political refugees. He believes the deportation of political refugees to Iran is illegal.
Four of the deported refugees are members of the Mashrute party which struggles for the restoration of the monarchy in Iran, according to the website Akhbare-rooz.
Seyyed ali Alemzadeh and Abolfazl Ajorlu were subjected to serious psychological and physical torture in Tehran’s Evin prison.
Alireza Ranjbar and Mojtaba Vatanpour Naderiani had also been jailed before emigrating.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

::. Iranian Political Prisoners Association

Uncertainty over the where-abouts of two detained Kurdish students of Tehran University
Two student activists of Tehran University, of Kurdish origins, who were responsible for the daily news bulletin called "rouge name" have been detained by the Intelligence Ministry for the past two months.
The two are known to be " Sabah Nasiri" and " Hedayat Ghazali". The families of the detainees have complained that the where-abouts of their children has been kept away from them, although the active news bulletin of Amir Kabir University has already suggested that they are being interrogated and tortured in Sanadaj detention centre of the Intelligence Ministry.

Amirkabir Students : "we have been tortured to confess"
Three detained Amirkabir students ; Majid Tavakoli, Ahmad Ghassaban, Ehsan Mansouri, have announced that while in detention by the Intelligence Ministry , they have been tortured in the known 209 section of Evin prison, to confess to things they have not committed.

In letters given to their families they have announced that they have nothing to do with printing the faked student bulletin. (The bulletin had been accused of blasphemy by the Government)
Majid Tavakoli, in his letter has written he is to be trialed in the near future on grounds of confessions forced out of him through torture.

Ahmad Ghassaban also has written that, he too had to confess to acts he did not do, under torture, referring to these confessions as illegal and unreliable in any court.
Ehsan Mansoouri , the third captive student has also written that he has told the prosecutor in the court of being tortured in 209 Evin prison. He too has denied the legitimacy of these forced confessions.

Before publishing these letters, families of the students had informed the Minister of Justice of torture in 209 Evin.

The torture of these students involved the following:
A round the clock interrogation of the victims with no food or water, informing them of faked news; " death of a close member of family ", creating unbearable noise at all times, insulting family members ,threatening them and their families and close relatives, beating them simultaneously by 7 torturers, mixing political prisoners with ordinary criminals and killers, keeping them in cubic cells for 48 hours in which they could just stand, lashing prisoners with thick cables and rough wires to beat the flesh out, lying the victim and treading on feet and face by 7 torturers at the same time, standing on parts of the body and sitting on the waist for a long time, dicing the students between several torturers banging them to the wall, and forbidding any visit by doctors.
Mansour Osanloos attorney: Obvious traces of beatings could be seen on my clients' face
Yousoff Molayee, representing Mansour Osanloo in his case, said that during his visit on Osanloo on Tuesday, he could see obvious narks of beatings on his face.
Osanloos's attorney announced that his client was in good spirit, but was concerned over the delay over his eye operation.
Molayee also announced that Osanloo had been arrested while distributing a leaflet demanding an increase in salary for his fellow workers.
Mansour Osanloo is detained in the notorious Evin prison's 209 section.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


when there is no Human Right

Revolutionary guard (sepah pasdaran) arresting some peoples they said they doing capital crime like Murderer or making illogical remarks or unreasonable demands but all of this criminal was born after revolution in Iran and after leader ship of ayatollah khomeini if they became as a criminal Islamic republic of Iran must answer why?
Also they executed too many of them:
Tehran: 17
Khorasan: 7
Karaj: 4
Zahedan: 2, last week on Thursday
Tehran: 2, last week on Thursday

One Young man who was arrested by Iranian Regime (Meysam Lotfi) was arrested 9 years a go he was involved at Iranian University Movement at 9 July 1999 . His Mother Said:he never Kill any one or make any violation or capital crime.

Behzad Pilehvar

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Execution (khorasan)

Dear All :

Tomorrow Agust 2 ,15 People will be executed at Iran .

Last week Iranian Regime Executed 17 People In Tehran (Capitel City)

12 People In Karaj ( Near Tehran)

7 People In Khorasan (North East Of Iran )